3D Modelisation

A true model artist starts with the basics. 3D modelisation is first about what we can grasp fom reality an deconstruct it into simple forms.


Because 3D is not just about modelisation. Learning various aspect of design is crucial to become better.


They say a pictures is worth a thousand words…
So what is an entire video worth ? Watch a variety of video on pixelion8.

Watch it in 3D !

  • about this website

    I create a large variety of content related to the 3D industry.
    Here you will find : 3D modelisation videos / articles / commissions / video games / hardware

  • A portfolio

    In the portfolio page you will be able to see all the projects at a glance and be able to choose which one interests you.

  • Patreon

    If you are interested in the tutorials I made on youtube and are interested in seeing more you can support me on my patreon page. You will have access to premium content as a bonus 😉 !


I dedicate my time to this website and for all travelers who found thoses pages interesting. Here you will learn about the 3D design and I will try to bring the most clear advices to go through your journey.

I also dedicate my efforts for companies who want a 3D work for logos, products, ads…


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