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Welcome to Pixelion8, the blog section is where I share insights, inspiration, and the stories behind my journey in the realms of 3D modeling, painting, and printing.

Join me as I venture into the depths of digital artistry, offering tips, techniques, and a glimpse into my creative process. From the intricacies of design to the magic of bringing ideas to life, I invite you to embark on this creative odyssey with me.

For me, it’s crucial that everyone can learn and grow, whether it’s my readers or myself. By sharing my experiences, I aim to create a community where we can all thrive together, drawing lessons from our successes as well as our mistakes. Join this journey where every step forward is an opportunity to learn and progress together.

Improving my IKEA Gaming Desk !

It's time for an exciting update! I've just released a new YouTube video showcasing the transformation of my IKEA gaming desk, and I couldn't wait to share it with you. In this video, I take you through each step of the process as I enhance my gaming setup with the addition of the ALEX drawer unit. From assembly to customization, you'll see exactly how I improved the functionality and aesthetics of my desk. But here's the best part: once we reach 50 likes on the video, I'll be giving away the files for free so you can upgrade your own gaming...

[Work in progress] Miniature Painting Project: King Dwarf

My painting hobby and 3D printed creations
Today, I'm excited to share with you a sneak peek into my latest project: painting this majestic King Dwarf miniature. As I delve into this new endeavor, I find myself captivated by the intricate details of this miniature. From the regal armor to the flowing beard, every aspect of the King Dwarf exudes strength and nobility. This miniature is an original creation from "Loot Studio," and I'm thrilled to print and paint it. Currently, I'm in the early stages of the painting process, meticulously priming the miniature and laying down the base coats. I've chosen a rich palette of earthy tones to...

[Work in progress] Miniature Painting Project: Hobgoblins Duo

My painting hobby and 3D printed creations
Embarking on my inaugural miniature painting project fills me with excitement 🔥. This journey features two hobgoblins, intricately detailed and crafted through 3D printing. Utilizing my Creality CR 10s Pro v2 printer, I brought to life a design from Loot Studios, adapting it to merge both characters onto a single base. Guided by Angel Giraldez's techniques, I delved into color blending, shading, and highlighting. Each brushstroke painstakingly revealed the character and personality of the hobgoblins, from their fierce glares to the details of their armor. This project holds deeper significance; it's not merely about mastering techniques, but also about fostering bonds through...

3D Modelisation

A true model artist starts with the basics. 3D modelisation is first about what we can grasp fom reality an deconstruct it into simple forms.


Because 3D is not just about modelisation. Learning various aspect of design is crucial to become better.


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